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Posted on 01 December 2016

If you missed the Los Angeles debut of How Does Your PEACE FIT?  -- here's your chance to take a peek at this beautiful collaborative project between PEACE FITS, SOULS of Society and the community that continues to inspire and support the PEACE FITS brand and lifestyle.

Since 2011, Dijon Bowden has been walking the streets capturing thousands of stories for his ongoing street photography project SOULS of Society.  The mission is to connect communities by telling stories that increase compassion, empathy, and spiritual awareness.  

Joana Cruz - How Does Your PEACE Fit? by SOULS of Society

Joana Cruz

“I’m learning to practice better communication with everyone in my life. I’m practicing my rituals to cultivate what’s sacred in my life. I’m feeling a lot right now. I feel like my purpose is very clear, but I’m having trouble navigating things because this is such an intense time of alchemy. We’re all learning how to really see each other and we’re learning how to communicate what we see with love.”

Read the full interview with Joana

Kiran Gandhi - How Does Your PEACE Fit? by SOULS of Society

Kiran Gandhi

“I want people to say ‘Kiran was someone who empowered me to use my voice for good.’ I think a lot of girls are made to feel small and unheard or unseen. I want to be someone who teaches young people, people from marginalized communities, people who haven’t had a voice, that their voice is tremendously powerful and they have to use it.”

Learn more about Kiran


Kamailia Williams - How Does Your PEACE Fit? by SOULS of Society

Kamailia Williams 

I’m a therapist and I work with kids and their families, there’s a lot of trauma. I also have a son so I’m trying to find a balance between being there for him, providing services for these families, and self-care. I’m really trying to figure out how to free up more time so I can spend time with family. Really having a boundary for how much I take on.”

 Read the full interview with Kamailia

Marques Wyatt- How Does Your PEACE Fit? by SOULS of Society

Marques Wyatt

“I would say my biggest challenge is staying authentic to myself and continuing this process of cross-pollination of different scenes. Sometimes in this industry it’s a breeding ground for narcissism. There’s a lot of fan fare so it’s really important that I do whatever it takes to stay grounded and make sure the desires of my heart dwarf that of my mind and ego.”

Read the full interview with Marques 

Djamilla Sada Rama - How Does Your PEACE Fit? by SOULS of Society

Djamilla NadiDevi Sada Ram

“It’s a choice. It’s a deepening of focus. There are a zillion ways to get there but it’s sinking into myself, sinking into my heart. It’s like ‘Oh yeah, there’s the heart cave, there’s the temple, there’s the inner sanctuary.”

Read the full interview with Djamilla

Tigre Bailando - How Does Your PEACE Fit? by SOULS of Society

Tigre Bailando

“My ability to see and convey the relationship between the sacred and the grotesque. That which we consider dark and mournful and that innate relationship with joy and life. Those elements are intertwined and rely on each other.”

Learn more about Tigre 

Matt Atreau Mercer - How Does Your PEACE Fit? by SOULS of Society

Atreau Mercer

“I want to leave a legacy of positivity and creativity. I want  people look back and say I was someone who was down for the community, someone who was kind, caring, dependable, open minded and set a good example for my community. Some people have made assumptions based on the way I look, thinking I smoke ganja or drink etc, but I’ve never done any type of drugs, nor have I ever drank alcohol, and it’s not a big deal, I’m just not into it. I like to show people that you don’t need anything outside of yourself to have a good time, my happiness or 'being high' comes from inside.”

Read the full interview with Atreau


“I feel like everything I do is in service to this universe. I really want to make positive change and I really want to inspire people to positive change. There’s a place for all of us to fit. My role in this lifetime is just to bring that positivity to everyday life. I think it’s important to be authentic in the way that we connect with people and be super loving and accepting.”

Read the full interview with Cheyenne

Ashel Seasunz

“I have a masters in transpersonal psychology so I study shamanism and plant based medicine. I’m offering a more shamanic healing worldview to everything I’m doing. Everything is looking at the inner ecology as a revolutionary standpoint. I’m looking at meditation and a technology. I synthesize and I’m a visionary. I’m ushering in the view of the human as this powerful entity with psycho spiritual power. With that view comes the opportunity for transformation.”

Read the full interview with Ashel

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